The Cabinet and Portfolio Holders are responsible for most day-to-day decisions while the Panels (still often referred to as "Committees") scrutinise those decisions and review policy.  There are also a number of Committees which deal with regulatory matters.  

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Committee Details - Cabinet

Committee Details

The Cabinet deals with the implementation of all council services, putting into effect the policies agreed by the council and making recommendations to the council on policy issues and the budget.

Committee Contact
Name: Richard Clifford
Address: Colchester Borough Council
33 Sheepen Road
Postcode: CO3 3WG
Phone: 01206 507832
Fax: 01206 764023
Email: richard.clifford@colchester.gov.uk
Web: www.colchester.gov.uk
Committee Membership
Position in Committee Committee Member Party Ward
Member  Councillor Nick Barlow   Liberal Democrats  Castle 
Member  Councillor Tina Bourne   Labour  St Andrew's 
Member  Councillor Annie Feltham   Liberal Democrats  New Town 
Leader (& Chairman)  Councillor Martin Hunt   Liberal Democrats  Christ Church 
Member  Councillor Beverley Oxford   Independent  Highwoods 
Member  Councillor Paul Smith   Liberal Democrats  St John's 
Deputy Chairman  Councillor Anne Turrell   Liberal Democrats  Mile End 
Member  Councillor Tim Young   Labour  St Andrew's