Members have been asked to supply details of the preferred form of their names, titles and qualifications; these have been included in the list where known. Links to e-mail and telephone numbers are also given. 

In respect of the statisitcs on attendance at meetings, please note that on occasions more than one Council meeting is held on one day. If a Councillor were to be absent on a day when more than one meeting is held, this can have a significant impact on the statistics about their attendance at meetings. 

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Councillor Details - Councillor Mark Cory
Councillor Details - Councillor Mark Cory
Councillor Details - Councillor Mark Cory
Liberal Democrats (Wivenhoe Cross)

Postal Address 26 Broome Grove

Telephone 07988 800301 
Mobile 07988 800301 
E-mail cllr.mark.cory@colchester.gov.uk 
Liberal_Democrat logo

Personal Details

All Councillors are entitled to receive a basic allowance which is intended to cover a proportion of the costs associated with being a member of the Council (such as telephone, postage, printing, travel). In addition to the basic allowance some Councillors are entitled to receive an additional amount to reflect any special responsibilities that they might hold, either in connection with meeting membership, decision making or the leadership of their political group. These additional amounts are known as Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA). Basic Allowance £6,475.84

Committee Memberships

Committee Name Role in Committee
Council Member
Trading Board Member

Outside Body Memberships

Outside Body Name
Cory Environmental Trust in Colchester

Terms of Office

3 May 2007 - 7 May 2015